10 on 10 { feb 2014 }

I did my 10 on 10 challenge yesterday - much easier and better photo opportunity on a weekend rather than a boring old work day.  I am also participating in the FatMumSlim photo challenge - the word for the day was "detail" so I decided to work with that theme for my 10 on 10.  Here are a few details from the day. 1010_22014

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10 on 10 { aug 2013 }

It's the tenth of the month and that means ten photos in ten hours!!  I love this challenge - gets me out and about with the camera to find beauty in my day.  And I really love it when the tenth falls on a weekend!  Woot!  Visited the hair salon this morning - aren't these foils just the most attractive thing?  I wanted to get a better photo, but the salon was busy and people were looking at me strange trying to take a photo with my iPhone of my foils.  I'm sure they were like wtf?  :)Ran a bunch of errands - picking up the necessary supplies for my last Ravinia show tomorrow. Whipped up a batch of my famous roasted almonds.  They are the easiest things to make and a huge hit!  If you like almonds, you need this recipe!

2 c. sliced almonds 1/4 c. sugar 1/16 c. water salt (I use pink himalayan)

Combine sugar and water - basically making a simple syrup - in a microwave save bowl or cup.  Microwave for 1 minute or until the sugar is completely dissolved.  Pour over almonds and quickly stir.  (The syrup should be just enough to coat the almonds - you do not want any liquid standing the bottom of the bowl).  Evenly spread on non-stick cookie sheet and generously sprinkle salt across top.  Bake at 325 stirring every 10 minutes until golden.  (30-40 min depending on your oven).  Enjoy!

And then decided to whip up French Macarons too! I'm just a domestic diva today!!  I found a new recipe (here) that worked beautifully should you wish to give them a try.  They are the fussiest cookies I've ever made, but SO worth it!  I'll whip up some salted caramel and chocolate ganache to fill these babies in the morning!

Hope you had a beautiful day! Thanks for stopping by.

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10 on 10 { feb 2013 }

I remembered!  I remembered!  Today I snapped a LOT of photos, but made sure to grab one per hour so I could be true to the 10 on 10 challenge!  Spent the day at the Museum of Science and Industry, my favorite Chicago museum, with the Pittman's!  I wanted to go to catch the Peanuts exhibit - and crazy -Holly, Jeff and Bella had never been before... what!?!  They totally loved it.  YaYa always knows the best places to go!

breakfast and facebook
selfie after getting ready for the day
allergy shot - four years of these and still counting - damn cats!
Peanuts exhibit was really great

I have always wanted an original Peanuts cel
Sloane LOVED that piano. 
We watched the movie Born to be Free in the Omnimax Theater - it was fabulous!
Went on the U505 tour - the claustrophobic in me did not enjoy this much
'twas a dreary day here in Chicago, but I really cannot complain ... rain in February is not normal
finalizing plans for birthday trip

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10 on 10 { nov 2012 }

Ahhhh finally the tenth lands on a weekend!  So happy to be able to photograph something other than work!  Sadly, the day was filled with repair men, errands and furniture moving to prepare for painters tomorrow.  I am so happy to finally be getting a fresh coat of paint, but I have waaaaay too much furniture to move around!  Maybe it's time to donate some stuff!!  A huge thanks to my awesome friends, the Robinson's, for lending me some muscle!  I could not have done it without you!  Hoping the painters can finish in a day so I can get everything put back together!  Happy Saturday peeps! 

tea ... always tea
phoebe hiding under the furniture
the awesome Robinson's
all of my belongings piled in the middle of my living room
I saved one tiny spot in front of the TV so I had somewhere to sit
spotted on my neighbor's door - cute
just some ivy - don't you jut love ivy?
Two trips to Lowe's and one to Home Depot to fix the flush handle on my toilet - ridiculous!
Do not buy a tank that has the handle on a 45 degree angle.  Just don't! 
hate that it is completely dark by 5 pm  * frown *
Lucy looking at me like ... what the heck are you doing to our home?  Huh? 

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pumpkin fest

Attended the Highwood Pumpkin Fest in Highwood, IL last weekend with the Levens.  And let me just say there were a LOT of pumpkins!  Somewhere between 28,000 and 30,000, I hear.  Apparently they were trying to win HGTV's Pumpkin Wars and break several records.  They were competing against New Hampshire and I believe Highwood won!  The show is set to air on Halloween.  The amount of pumpkins was overwhelming.  AND they lit them one at at time - each had one or two tea lites inside.  Insane! 


Sloane 9 months

Oh that little Sloane is gonna be a heartbreaker!  Those blue eyes and she's got eyelashes for days!!  In keeping with the OZ spirit, Holly found one of Bella's old dresses that looks a little Dorothy-esque!  Plus, her daddy likes her in a blue dress.  

I'm sad that I missed last month, but luckily she hasn't changed all that much, physically.  She does seem longer and is getting more hair and is making a whole lot of noise!   So here is beautiful little girl at 9 months old! 

150 Soldier Field


So after my KUAA event Teri, Nikki and Will invited me to join them for the rest of their day's adventures ... so glad they did and cannot thank them enough for such a fabulous day!!  We had the opportunity to meet the general manager of Soldier Field and have him give us a personal tour of the stadium!  He was so nice and full of great stories - it was a true pleasure and an experience I won't soon forget.  Now maybe I need to actually go to a Bears game huh...

We got to go ON the field, pose with the 1985 Super Bowl ring, go in the locker room, give a press conference (ha!) take in the view from the skyboxes, and so much more!  All this while a wicked storm rolled through the city - see the last photo and the goal post... eek! 

150 MCA KUAA day


Attended a KU Alumni Association event at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday. We had an artist (from Pilsen) take us around to certain works of art and give her interpretation of it's meaning, which I found to be a great change compared to a docent. She was really good with our small, but diverse group of people. The museum was completely full and the exhibits right now are superb. I thought the Skyscraper rooms were particularly good! A really powerful display around 9.11. Thanks to the KUAA for putting this even together - it was so great meeting Teri and Nikki, both in from Lawrence.