Saturday sunrise

Today's prompt for Fat Mum Slim photo challenge is "sunrise." I am never up for sunrise - not a morning person - so I was not sure what to do for a photo. Well, Phoebe decided to wake me with the sun at 5:20AM. I laid there for a couple minutes and decided to hop out of bed, throw on a jacket and head over to the beach. Boy, I've been missing out!! It's warm light over the soft waves with cool breeze and birds soaring high above... Lovely, just lovely.20140524-102053-37253885.jpg20140524-102052-37252709.jpg20140524-102053-37253484.jpg20140524-102053-37253167.jpg 20140524-102054-37254191.jpg

10 on 10 { dec 2013 }

I wasn't able to do the 10 on 10 challenge on the tenth, so I thought I'd do it today.  Why not, right?  The theme for this month is candy canes, and since I was feeling very much in the holiday spirit, I decided to let that inspire my shots for the day!  Oh Rebekah is doing a giveaway this month of a beautiful album (love it so much I bought it!) by her friend Sarah. Take a listen! [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3235609941 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]


So here's my holiday ten [ woke up to a fresh three inches of snow ] [ challah french toast + applewood smoked bacon  ] [ Christmas cards ] [ love my santa snow globe ] [ peppermint cookie whole foods style - love these ] [ wrapping present ] [ window decor along my way to the fabric store ] [ snowy branches ] [ sugar cookies! ] [ now relaxing with Phee watching basketball ]

121413 ten on ten button


20130829-225406.jpg I love flying at sunset - the view is amazing with all that warm light.  I rarely sit in a window seat, but have been on a lot of small regional jets lately and they have been kind of empty.  When I get a row to myself I always scoot over to take in the view.  Still kind of amazes me that we can actually fly...

I shot this little video on Instagram - but always forget to do any kind of "treatment" to the videos I take in Instagram.... But with this kind of color, it's not really necessary.  Oh and I just love the view flying over Chicago - it's city planning at it's finest!  Just love!

little stormy

So I won't say I am disappointed, but the storm that was supposed to be crazy severe with 70-80mph winds really only amounted to this video.  Some light to heavy rain.  Some thunder.  Some lightening.  I do believe they had hail in the southwestern 'burbs, but E-Town seems to have been spared.  We sent people home early from the office - shut everything down, pulling power plugs and preparing for crazy.  It certainly made me think of my childhood tornado drills. Growing up in Kansas, you know what to do straight from the womb.

napa : phoned in : people

Just a quickie to share the iPhone photos from my lovely weekend in Napa with the girls... Such a beautiful area!  We loved every second of our trip and I cannot wait to go back!  Maybe we should make this an annual trip... just sayin'

Charleston : take two

Spent the weekend with my friend Laura - a cold beach walk, rainy plantation visit and lots of food and drink with friends new and old. 20130224-215908.jpg20130224-215937.jpg20130224-220215.jpg20130224-220242.jpg20130224-220320.jpg20130224-221359.jpg20130224-221409.jpg20130224-221422.jpg

And I had to grab a little video on Vine of the bubbles along the shore.  I was a little bit on the fence about Vine, but it's actually kind of fun.